Our Services

StrataLiving Body Corporate Management is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading body corporate and community title management companies. 

For almost 20 years we have been providing clients with a comprehensive range of residential, commercial, community and resort body corporate services. Strata Management is a key part of the property equation. In fact, how a property is managed has as much influence on the quality of life, rental returns and long term value of your property as it’s location. 

Our Strata Managers know and understand the local market, and their role in supporting you to spend only what you need to, and just as much as you should, to build property value.

We are an independent professional management company holding the highest standard of industry certification- the Practising Certificate awarded by Strata Community Australia (Qld).

Residential Body Corporate Management

StrataLiving is focused on simplifying the process of managing your Body Corporate, and enhancing the value of your real estate investment.  Our personal service is backed up by systems and technology to make your life easier.  Instant communications.  24 hour access to building information and reports. Caring relationship managers who know you, know your building and understand the local market.


Resorts, Accommodation and Mixed Use Schemes

Properties operated under Management Rights and Caretaking Agreements have their own specific challenges as well as opportunities. 

The relationship between your Body Corporate Committee, Building Manager and Caretaker is critical to the success of your investment.  As is meeting the needs of both owner/Occupiers and investors.


Commercial and Mixed Use Schemes

Specialists in the specific needs of commercial, retail and mixed use projects. Strong budgeting and cost control for commercial schemes, backed by an understanding of property asset management strategies and real estate value creation.


Small Schemes Management

In smaller schemes, simplicity is the key.  Why pay more for a simple management service?  Ask us about our special rates for simple small schemes.  When your Committee needs limited support for your duplex, townhouses or commercial site – our innovative app-based solutions may save you money.

Maintenance Services

StrataLiving assists buildings large and small with all maintenance needs large and small.  From regular repairs and maintenance and trades services through to project management – our platform delivers all the services you may require.

Development Establishment and Support

Your Strata Manager should be an integral player in your project team through the design, planning and pre-sales stages.  

StrataLiving provides expert advice to support developers create successful, sustainable and harmonious communities – and optimise sales yields in the process. 

Our team know real estate, and understand real estate.  With over 25 years’ experience in the establishment of new schemes StrataLiving Body Corporate Management pride ourselves in assisting developers in creating successful, sustainable communities.


Legal Support and Mediation

We are proud of our strategic alliances with the best expertise in the industry.  Our Community Managers are trained in all regulatory, compliance, commercial and administrative matters.  Sometimes, specialised support is needed.  We don’t pretend to know everything – but we certainly know where to find it. 

When Building, Governance, Development or community issues require it – we call in the best. Bugden Allen Lawyers

Banking Solutions

Macquarie Relationship Banking (a division of Macquarie Bank) has specialised in providing financial services to strata managers and their clients for the past 25 years. Their commitment to the industry has lead to the development of innovative products and services, which support their reputation as a market leader. 

Macquarie Relationship Banking Benefits include: 

    • Reduced financial dependence upon existing lot owners to fund upfront large-scale capital works 
    • Payment solutions to suit most financial situations and rate cycles 
    • Funds are available quickly and works are not delayed while funds are collected* 
    • No security taken over lot owners personal assets 
    • Lump sum contributions throughout the loan term attract no penalty fees 
    • Potential savings for Owners Corporations by allowing works to be carried out completely with funding (rather than stretched out over a period of time)